Ortur Laser Master 2 Air Assist

While the Ortur Laser Master 2 that I picked up is advertised as a laser engraver and not a laser cutter, it can do lightweight cutting and I was intent and optimizing that capability. After performing some research, I found that air assist would be a great modification to aid in this endeavor.

The air assist system was built with 1 main goal in mind, to make cutting with the laser more efficient. This will also reduce sooting and scorching by putting out fires while cutting.

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Ortur Laser Master 2 Enclosure

The Ortur laser is completely open air, providing no assistance or infrastructure to vent the fumes away. I decided to work on an enclosure for these reasons. The enclosure has 2 main goals, to contain excess laser light from the room and to contain fumes from the laser so they can be exhausted. The exhaust could be a fan in the back of the box or using a vacuum table underneath the laser. In my case, I’ll be building a vacuum table to hold materials and exhaust fumes.


Ortur Laser Master 2 Software – LightBurn

One thing needed with every CNC driven machine is good software to control it and generate the gcode. There are two main options for the Ortur Laser Master 2. These are LaserGRBL and LightBurn. The Ortur uses LaserGRBL as the main control software out of the box while LightBurn is a commercial offering that costs $40. This article will be going through the LightBurn setup while I went through LaserGRBL in the past.

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Focusing the Diode Laser on an Ortur Laser Master 2

Focusing the laser is just as important if not more important than leveling the bed of a 3d printer. A well focused laser will have tighter cuts, will engrave and cut faster and will have higher quality engravings. Getting the laser to a good focus point however can be difficult, and there are a few tricks to getting things to work smoothly.


Laser Safety Glasses

Various Laser Safety Glasses

I recently picked up an Ortur Laser Master 2 engraver and cutter. With the new hardware to join my 3d printer in making things, comes new safety gear to use things with minimal risk (and prevent myself from going blind). I ended up going on an adventure to get the right safety equipment. My wife and I both wanted to work with the laser, so we both needed safety glasses.

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