Using from Home Assistant

While surfing Reddit one day I ran across a post about Unified Push and setting up ones own self hosted push notification system. A push notification system that can be self hosted and isn’t owned by any of the big tech companies, which I’m all for. So I decided to test it out by setting up home assistant notifications through it. While here I won’t be installing and setting up my own server right now, I will probably be doing that part in the future.

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Fixing network problems in HASS

Recently I have been working on fixing the configuration issues in my home assistant installation. I run the supervised mode on an Ubuntu VM that I setup myself with some scripts (since it’s not supported by the official installer). Due to this, I encountered a problem with network manager in home assistant that caused home assistant to lose Internet access (so unable to download updates) even though the VM has no problems accessing the Internet as a whole.

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Home Assistant Wall Tablet Display with a Fire HD8

I have wanted to add a tablet to control home assistant from for a while. I originally started by using my Nexus 7 2012 as the machine, got WallPanel installed, and found out that the embedded browser in that version of Android was too out of date and crippled to run the home assistant webui. So I decided to pick up an Amazon fire tablet for cheap to try using. I figured if I liked using it, I could use a better tablet in the future (or go through the effort of rooting the tablet and installing regular Android on it).

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The Indoor Air Quality (UK) HACS Integration and Sensor

Now that I have a number of AirGradient sensors around my house, I have all sorts of data I can make use of about the air quality inside it. I now have to figure out how to make use of all that data. Creating a single unified data point for general air quality based on the AirGradient data is the first thing I’m going to do. To do this, I’ll make use of the IAQUK HACS integration.

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