This is a small blog where I talk about tech, from servers to CNC. That is all.


I’m an occasional systems administrator who prefers self hosting over pay hosting or many ad driven services. I’m also a Java and C developer and engineer with a background in 3d design and an interest in 3d printing, lasers, etc. I also have no idea how to blog.


Bambu Firmware Failed to Install / Version is Abnormal

I recently decided to upgrade one of my printers between prints. This ended up causing problems when the update failed, and left the machine in an incident state. The printer would display that the version number is abnormal, but then the repair attempts it tried also failed, and it refused to print in its software …

IR Remote with WLED

I do small experiments from time to time to try out features or functionality before building them into a project (or project design even). In this case I wanted to try out the IR functionality in WLED for a project that may not have WiFi for access to the full fledged WLED feature set.