This is a small blog where I talk about tech, from servers to CNC. That is all.


I’m an occasional systems administrator who prefers self hosting over pay hosting or many ad driven services. I’m also a Java and C developer and engineer with a background in 3d design and an interest in 3d printing, lasers, home automations, electronics etc. I also have no idea how to blog.


Getting SVG Data into CATIA

Another day, another type of data to import into CATIA. This time is the classic SVG format used by LightBurn and often edited with InkScape. This is pretty quick but I wanted a bunch of screenshots to make it easy to follow.

Network Layout

Here is a rough guide of how I have my network laid out. I haven’t really documented it before, so hopefully this covers the major points. I use a number of VLANS in my network to keep the IOT devices from being security threats, and prevent security devices from being able to access the internet …