This is a small blog where I talk about tech, from servers to CNC. That is all.


I’m an occasional systems administrator who prefers self hosting over pay hosting or many ad driven services. I’m also a Java developer and engineer with a background in 3d design and an interest in 3d printing, lasers, etc. I also have no idea how to blog.


Enabling the Home Assistant API

The home assistant API can be used to build external tools to manipulate information in home assistant and control elements in it. This can be useful for triggering automations with custom code. It can even be triggered using curl on linux, allowing for simple scripts executing home assistant actions.

Improve CATIA STL Output Accuracy

CATIA is pretty good at times at hiding options, so here we’ll find out how to increase the export accuracy of STL files from CATIA. The defaults used give some pretty rough models especially around curves, so we’ll be increasing the accuracy to get smoother models to use on our 3d printer.