WLED with Home Assistant

Integrating WLED into Home Assistant is a relatively simple task.

  • Go to the integrations page on home assistant
  • Add a new integration and search for WLED
  • Add the ip

After the, you’re good to go. Home Assistant will show the unit as a number of entities, a light and a number of switches.



I don’t suggest using MQTT at this time for WLED Integration into Home Assistant. The home assistant native integration works well enough.

Quoted from GitHub

Notice: The MQTT implementation is currently being restructured to provide a better experience for users of Home Assistant and other automation software. This will be a breaking change. For details regarding the rework, please see #207!

WLED versions from 0.8.0 up are able to connect to an MQTT broker for smart home control. Connection to both domains and IP servers is supported on port 1883.

Secure connections are not currently supported. I recommend only connecting to local MQTT brokers. In v0.8.4-0.8.6 only, WLED supports MQTT autodiscovery by the HomeAssistant software. This has been removed because of bootloop issues and in favor of the native HomeAssistant integration.