Server Rack Repair

I noticed a bit of damage on my server rack recently. The top of it is starting to crack around two of the screws. This isn’t good as it undermines the integrity of the rack and could cause problems in the future, and so I had to fix it. The lid was crushed downwards, likely due from a heavy object sitting on it (more than likely my NAS sitting on it at some point in time).

2 Screw Failure Points in View

My plan was to put some glue into the failure points and clamp it back into shape to prevent the wood from breaking off around the damage. With the breakage points glued up, I would next want to reinforce it, this would include putting in 2 1×4 pieces under the lid against the sides of the enclosure. These would be screwed to the sides from both the inside and outside (6 screws total per board). This should make the entire thing structurally sound and repair the damage.

Clamping took a few bar clamps and the right size of 2×4 to sit in the server cabinet and press the top of the cabinet back up to where it needs to be. A piece of wax paper and some wood glue was all that was remaining to get the breaks glued back into place. I also placed the 1x4s at this time as well in the entire clamping process so I could glue and screw those into place.

This all worked out well and my server rack is now more robust than ever and should be able to last a decent while longer. I reinforced both the damaged and undamaged side to really make sure that I wouldn’t encounter this again.

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