Laser Safety Glasses

I recently picked up an Ortur Laser Master 2 engraver and cutter. With the new hardware to join my 3d printer in making things, comes new safety gear to use things with minimal risk (and prevent myself from going blind). I ended up going on an adventure to get the right safety equipment. My wife and I both wanted to work with the laser, so we both needed safety glasses.

After finding the JTechPhotonics OD3+ plexi, I decided to pick up some of their laser safety glasses which are only OD2+. These ended up not being enough for the laser I was working on. I could see a decent amount of light through it, and I didn’t want to use the glasses without the OD3+ plexi as an added layer of protection.

After that, I decided to try out some FreeMascot OD6+ glasses. These ended up working pretty well, I see less of the laser light through the glasses and can’t discern the blue background light when the laser is running. I didn’t feel the need for using the plexi alongside the glasses to get the amount of protection I wanted.

My ultimate plan for safety gear is to build a box with a door using the OD3+ plexi and then the safety glasses along side that. It should provide ample reduction in stray laser rays and provide multiple layers of eye protection.

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