Adding UCS Authentication Account

Adding an account to use in authenticating against the LDAP directory is a simple enough. The process is done all within the LDAP directory GUI from the Domain menu option in UCS. Navigate to the “user” container, and select the add button. Select the type of the account to be a “Simple Authentication Account”, pick a username and password and click add.

  • Domain -> LDAP Directory
  • User Container, Add
  • Type: Simple Authentication Account
  • Username: my-new-auth-account
  • Click Add
  • Profit

This user account can now be used in a service to authenticate against the LDAP server.

Using the Simple Authentication Account

An example Reader Domain Name (DN) (Sometimes cause a search user, bind DN) is below, that with the password is enough to allow a service to use the LDAP directory. I create new users for each service to use in their authentication, each with long randomly generated passwords.