Backups and Data Synchronization

Backups are important, we all know that, but often times we don’t do what we say. This goes over all my various methods for backing up my data and attempting to follow the 3-2-1 policy.


All my VMs on Proxmox have full snapshots taken weekly and sent to my unRAID NAS, which then backs up to CrashPlan.

NAS Data

I have a lot of media on my NAS, more than I can backup off-site workout building my own server to run those off-site. Because of this, I only backup certain shares and data sets on it to CrashPlan. This may have to change to backblaze if Crashplan changes in a way I can’t support, but so far they’ve been great.


My NVR is backed up to a local fire proof server (iosafe Nas located out of the way location). This was originally backed up to backblaze but my upload on Comcast was too slow for the data recorded rate, so it never had recent footage.

Home Assistant

I have two separate backup systems for my home assistant server. I use the Google drive backup add-on to synchronize the internal home assistant backups to the cloud. Since my home assistant server is a VM on my Proxmox server, I also backup the VM to my NAS and then to CrashPlan.

Phone Contacts

My phone contacts are synchronized to NextCloud through davx5, and I also make it of the NextCloud apps feature for contact backup. These two methods are then backed up to CrashPlan for that additional off-site security.

Phone Photos

I use NextClouds auto upload feature for all my photos on my phone. These are uploaded to my NAS which is running my NextCloud, which is then backed up to CrashPlan.


I have Joplin setup on my phone and desktop to synchronize through NextCloud. That then gets backed up to CrashPlan for an additional layer of security.

I just started using obsidian to check it out. I haven’t wanted to pay for it just yet, instead I wanted to prove my use first and then pay for it later. So I rolled my own backups, using NextCloud auto upload on the notes folder that obsidian is saving data to, and then NextCloud is backed up to CrashPlan, giving the full backup solution to it.

MariaDB Server

The VM is backed up to the NAS and Crashplan by proxmox, but I also do regular SQL dumps that are backed up to the NAS and Crashplan for easy db recovery if the VM backups get corrupted.

Cloud Git Repositories

I make use of gitea to mirror cloud git repositories (both mine and projects I make use of) to my local network. These also are included in my crash plan backup of my NAS to provide further data redundancy.

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