Installing Scrutiny on Unraid

What is Scrutiny? An application that monitors SMART statistics on HDDs and SSDs. This is useful to monitor the health of an array of disks like what unraid handles. As someone who’s had disks silently start failing and loosing data without notice (like unraid dropping the disk out of the pool), an application like this will be extremely useful.

Running on Docker

Setting up scrutiny on Unraid using docker is extremely easy. The only difficulty would be adding all of the disks if you have many installed. Below are all of the settings (minus any additional disks you may have). The key here is that the advanced menu is needed to setup Scrutiny (for the SYS_RAWIO parameter to be added).

Scrutiny Setup via the Docker Menu in Unraid

More devices can be added to cover all of the disks on your own unraid server. Once all devices are added, just Apply the changes and wait for the container to start up. It does take a few minutes for all of the stats to filter in from all HDDs, however it doesn’t take too long. If you miss the SYS_RAWIO parameter, none of the stats will show, though the HDDs will show up in the web GUI.