Catia V5 Shortcut Keys

I’ve had an 8 key macro pad on my desk for a while now and haven’t been making very good use of it. Since I’ve been doing a bit more CAD work, why not setup some macros for CATIA.

The process is straight forward enough and comes down to knowing where to look. The Tools -> Customize menu.

Tools -> Customize

The commands option has all the normal things you’ll find in the toolbars in CATIA. I filtered by all commands since I didn’t know what the constraints option would be listed under.

Selecting the Constraint Command

After selecting the command to create a macro for, hit the show properties button. With the properties open, the accelerator option is the macro input field.

Adding a “Accelerator” Property

Why not add a second while we’re at it too now.

Might as well Add a second while we’re at it

Adding the CATIA Macros to a Max Falcon 8

Now time to get the macros setup on my macro pad, the max falcon 8.

Selecting the Key to use, and getting into Macro Settings
Macro Settings Page
Fully Recorded Macro
Both Macros Setup

This worked out pretty well. The macros execute consistently and are working well in my CATIA installation. These will hopefully make it a bit easier/quicker to model up new designs.

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