Cutting Fabric with the Ortur Laser Master 2 & SVG Types

While trying to cut some fabric with the Ortur Laser Master 2, we ran into a strange curiosity in light burn. We found that different SVG types generated different GCode for the same shape. After this we managed to put together a table of cutting settings for various fabric colors.

SVG Types

The rectangle SVG type ends up with different GCode that is much less powerful when cutting (fabric in this case). While the path SVG type ended up with strong cutting power through the fabric.

Rectangle Type vs Path Type in SVG Format

The path type with the exact same settings and same square shape cut perfectly where the rectangle type would just engrave the black fabric (and do absolutely nothing to white fabric)

Cutting Settings

This is all with the G8 lense on the Ortur Laser Master 2 20w model. Below is a table of the cutting settings we used on various fabric types, this is all with the path type for SVGs.

Kona Black1000 mm/m100%1
Kona Black w H&B1000 mm/m100%2
Midtones to Dark1000 mm/m100%1 to 2
Lights to Midtones1000 mm/m100%2
Multi Color1000 mm/m100%2 (3 if it has white areas)
Nearly White800 mm/m100%3
Kona Snow800 mm/m100%6
Single Layer Fabric

Kona Black900 mm/m100%2
Kona Black w H&B900 mm/m100%2
Midtones to Dark700 mm/m100%2
Lights to Midtones700 mm/m100%3
Multi Color700 mm/m100%3
White500 mm/m100%4
2 Layers Fabric

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