PhotoPrism MySQL DSN

Setting up the service was simple enough, I chose to run it on my UNRAID server however this meant I couldn’t use the example docker-compose file. I took all the settings from it and set it all up on my UNRAID server with the only changes being to paths for my file structure and the SQL database information. I use a MySQL database server for most of my services, so I needed to get the DSN for that server, however this was the first time I used DSNs, however it is pretty simple to setup correctly. I used PHPmyAdmin to add a user and database for PhotoPrism, and from there I used the default DSN with my username/password and host/port information


After that, everything was simple to setup and use. I logged in and was ready to start ingesting images.

Configuring PhotoPrism with NextCloud Sync

PhotoPrism is easy to setup with NextCloud sync, though it seems a bit odd the way its done. The NextCloud server is added to Settings / Backup in PhotoPrism, then you can click the circular arrows under the sync heading, and setup sync. To pick up the NextCloud auto uploads from my phone, I selected the InstantUploads folder to sync, with a daily interval. I told PhotoPrism to download remote files, preserve filenames, and sync raw and video files. I didn’t want PhotoPrism to upload to NextCloud as I wanted it to be a one way file sync to gather data. My PhotoPrism server is setup as a data viewer and not generating data itself as well. Then a flip of the “enable” switch and its complete. The first sync didn’t start instantaneously, however it did start not too long after setting it up, and it took a few hours to slowly sync and process all the files in my NextCloud folder (a few thousand files).